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Ghana Card: National Identification Authority card

The Ghana Card is a national Identity card that is issued by the Ghanaian authorities to Ghanaian citizens — both resident and non-resident, and legally and permanently resident foreign nationals.

The Ghana Card, which uniquely identifies the individual based on biometric features, can be used by the individual for the verification and authentication of identity.


The NIA was set up in 2003 under the Office of the President with the mandate to issue national ID cards and manage the National Identification System (NIS). This resulted in the passing of the National Identification Authority Act, 2006.

The National Identification Authority (NIA) conducted a liveness test of the National Identity Card (“Ghana Card”) issuance process and the registration and instant issuance of the first Ghana Card to the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Importance :

How Do I Register For My Ghana Card?

From 17th November 2021 onwards, the Authority will continue with the issuance of Ghana Cards to applicants, and from 29th November 2021 onwards, it will begin the replacement of lost, stolen, and damaged Ghana Cards.

What do I need to register for My Ghana Card?

1. Applicants are required to download and fill out the Registration Application Form (Household) and submit it to the NIA Head Office or via The Form can be found on the NIA website (
2. Compulsory requirements: The applicant’s Birth Certificate or valid Passport or
One of the applicant’s relatives who possess a Ghana Card to vouch for the applicant or
Two non-relatives who know the applicant to be a Ghanaian and who possess Ghana Cards to vouch for the applicant; and
3. The Ghana Post Digital Address of the applicant’s residence

Of What Use is Ghana Card?

By the end of the first quarter of 2022, the Ghana Card will be recognized as an e-Passport in 179 countries and with electronic Visa’s upgrade to ICAO 2.0, they will be issued electronically on the Ghana card by May 2022.

Important Uses Of The Ghana Card:
1. Health Delivery
2. Passport Acquisition
3. Acquisition of Driver’s License
4. Shipping and Clearing of Goods from the Port
5. Receipt and uses Banking Services
6. Sim Card and Mobile Money Registration
7. Credit Information
8. Registration of Business
9. Remittances from Abroad
10. Insurance Claims and much more …..

Do I need the Ghana Card to register to vote during the Elections?

Yes, During voter registration, a Ghana Card holder’s PIN is captured for the authentication of their citizenship, name, age, and residence to determine whether they qualify to vote or not.


Registration Eligibility

  1. The Household Registration and Card Issuance Exercise is limited to households with a minimum of five (5) Ghanaian applicants.
  2. The exercise is limited to Ghanaians aged 15 years and above only.

Early Implementation

SNNIT has begun integrating its ID platform with that of the National Identification System (NIS) . Effective January Employers who submit their Contributions without NIA numbers on them will be rejected.

The Registrar General, Jemima Oware has said that as of January 2022, only the National Identification Authority card ( Ghana Card ) will be accepted for the registration of businesses in the country.

According to her, is due to the merging of forms and processes with other institutions.

“Most of the agencies that have anything to do with business registration, have been linked up with us electronically. For instance, our system speaks to Ghana Revenue Authority’s system to generate the TIN. Our systems are going to be speaking to National Identification Authority system to identify.” — Joy.