Konga Nigeria

Konga Nigeria

Konga Nigeria has sold products in all categories, used its own logistics company for delivery, and has developed its own payment system.

This sets a high precedent for African e-commerce companies.

About Konga

Konga is Headquartered in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, the most populous city on the continent.

The company was launched in July 2012 and its mission was to become the engine of eCommerce and trade in Africa.

Konga has matured from its early beginnings and continues to grow exponentially, offering products to a Nigerian retail customer base that spans various categories.

This includes Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care, and much more.

Konga’s range of services is designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with the retail process; these services include our lowest price guarantee, 7-day free return policy*, order delivery tracking, dedicated customer service support, and many other premium services.

Konga’s Culture and Values

Mission: To be the Engine of Commerce & Trade in Africa.


  • To be a powerful force for the Economic Growth of Africa
  • To connect Africans with each other and the rest of the world through Technology & Commerce.
  • To be a company that employees, customers & society are proud of and depend on.

Values :

Individuals with shared values.

The customer sits on the throne: Satisfied customers are essential to our success. There are no kings in Konga… Only servants of the customer.

Hard work: We embrace hard work. We understand that it is only through pushing ourselves beyond our limits of comfort that we become better as individuals and as a company.
Honour & Integrity: We are open, honest, and trustworthy in all our dealings.

Teamwork & Sacrifice: We work together disregarding personal interests to meet the needs of our customers and to build a stronger company.

Passion: We are passionate about our brand and our mission.
Constant Evolution: We always question the norm looking for opportunities to birth new ideas. As individuals, we embrace flexibility and rapid change

operates in categories, including apparel, accessories, cars and vehicles, home and garden, jobs, real estate, services for hire, and more.

Konga Mobile App

Mobile App Integration: Konga runs on Magento, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. Today, Magenta supports mobile apps, but at the time it did not support mobile app integration.

Konga management has created a mobile app that both worked flawlessly and maintained parity with upcoming features that adds to the desktop site.

Pioneering in the discount goods sector, they offer low-priced consumer items in categories from home and living to electronics, women, men, kids, babies, sports, gifts, and parties. Fashion is the category that the majority of Konga consumers use the site for.


Kongapay is a CBN licensed platform through which users can enjoy seamless, secure, and reliable transactions. Users can conveniently receive money, make payments, airtime purchases, and more with the aid of a mobile number only. Sign up Today for more.


This state-of-the-art technology-inclined logistics system is focused on providing a prompt and efficient customer experience by conveying packages from one end of the country to another. With a fleet of over 1000 vehicles; and warehouses distributed nationwide, businesses can enjoy sophisticated logistic plans for both B2B and B2C.

Konga Travel & Tours

Konga Travel & Tours is a technology-driven, customer-centric, and highly innovative travel agency established with the sole aim of offering the best travel deals and package prices to all categories of travelers. Within a short time, this travel arm had expanded tremendously to cover multiple facets of the travel and tour industry.

Konga Health

Is a digital healthcare subsidiary of Konga group set to offer access to quality medicare to Millions of users across the globe as well as revolutionize the healthcare value chain in Nigeria.

Konga Food

Konga food is an on-demand food delivery service through which customers can purchase, send, and receive tasty meals delivered right to their doorstep with the aid of a mobile app. Hungry? Download the Kongafood mobile app or call 07000200300 to place your order.




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Ghana Web provides shopping articles on Ghanawebshop.com platform that provides Ghanaians access to buy or sell anything online, products or services.

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