Shopping in the United States

Shopping in the United States

Experience the crumbling sound of new shopping bags, new tags, and the moment when you discover that one dress or trinket that you absolutely must own are some simple joys of shopping.

You can choose the United States as your next shopping destination.

Shopping in the United States is the best far more retail floor area than any other country in the world, both in total and per capita; much of it is in shopping malls, big-box stores, and other large-scale premises designed for car-borne customers. Retailers are under pressure from the growth of online shopping.

Keep to traditional items, clothing, and handicrafts, a bargain at bazaars, break for amazing street food, and you are set.

CLOTHING- Typical Clothing Stores and Shopping Malls

The numbers written on price tags are before tax, so depending on the state, expect to pay between 5–7% more than what you see on the price tag. You can see an exact chart of sales tax by state here.


You can shop for new collections of clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty products, and more.

Typical Clothing Stores and Shopping Malls

Whether you are hunting for something specific or just looking to spruce up your wardrobe overall, start your search with these online stores below.

  • Luxury: Farfetch
  • Vintage: Etsy
  • Fast Fashion: Nasty Gal
  • Staples: Everlane
  • Statement Pieces: & Other Stories
  • Going Out: Revolve
  • Size Range: Madewell
  • Shoes: DSW
  • Jeans: American Eagle
  • Dresses: ASOS

SPECIALIZED STORES- Retail earnings by Shops in the United States

RankCompany2020 worldwide retail sales (billions)1Walmart$$263.163The Kroger Co.$131.574The Home Depot$129.895Costco Wholesale$162.486Walgreens Boots Alliance$117.747Target$92.408CVS Health Corporation$89.949Lowe’s Companies$87.5410Albertsons Companies$69.7311Apple Stores / iTunes$63.0412Royal Ahold Delhaize USA$85.24

Vitamin Stores

The US has a lot of options for purchasing various vitamins and dietary supplements. You can purchase them in pharmacies (such as CVS and Walgreens, where you can buy not only vitamins and medicine, but also flowers, food, beauty products, and various bits and bobs), general goods stores (e.g. Walmart), and even specialized stores such as Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.

Toy Stores

If you’re not looking for anything too specific and just need any sort of toy, Ross, Marshalls and other such stores have some to choose from. If you need a particular item, a specific doll, a construction toy, or just want the packaging to be nice and tidy, head to Toys’R’US (or the toddler section Babies’R’Us.

Specialized Food Stores

Recently had the pleasure of shopping at Jungle Jim’s in Ohio, a store that sells food from over 90 countries! They had an unbelievable selection of interesting products and unique foods. For example, you can get frozen durian.


Many people have shopped for both clothing and shoes online, but since the time I discovered Ross, online shopping is something I do much less of. Most people like Victoria’s Secret, and not just for buying underwear.

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Ghana Web provides shopping articles on platform that provides Ghanaians access to buy or sell anything online, products or services.

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netgen sey

Ghana Web provides shopping articles on platform that provides Ghanaians access to buy or sell anything online, products or services.

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